Any business can take advantage of drone technology

What do land surveyors, news reporters, real estate agents, construction companies, first responders, inspection specialists, filmmakers, and farmers all have in common? Drones!

Whether you call them UAV’s, UFO’s, or Tiny Flying Robots, drone popularity and adoption has been exponential of late. Although they are still in their infancy with regards to mass adoption and usage, drones have already demonstrated their value in niche industry applications. In both public and private sector organizations drones are saving companies time […]

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Trends - Drone Photography Services on the Rise

Trends: Drone Photography Services on the Rise

Some of the most stunning images and footage are now being captured through drone technology. Although aerial photography and footage are nothing new, access to drone services have made these types of shots affordable and streamlined. Marketers, ad executives, producers, and even construction professionals are hiring drone pilots to capture new innovative content by using […]

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