Any business can take advantage of drone technology

What do land surveyors, news reporters, real estate agents, construction companies, first responders, inspection specialists, filmmakers, and farmers all have in common? Drones!

Whether you call them UAV’s, UFO’s, or Tiny Flying Robots, drone popularity and adoption has been exponential of late. Although they are still in their infancy with regards to mass adoption and usage, drones have already demonstrated their value in niche industry applications. In both public and private sector organizations drones are saving companies time and money by easily performing duties that were once very time consuming with difficult logistics.

Let’s take a look at bridge inspection. In a nutshell, bridge inspectors climb bridges in order to test the bridge’s foundation integrity. As you can imagine, this is a very time consuming process, climbing up and down one beam at a time. In this particular case, drones can be retrofitted with a high quality gimbal that allows inspectors to view the bridge with the same detail as if they had climbed it. The time savings here means more money for the business and less risk for the inspector, a win-win if you will.

There are countless other ways that companies are benefitting from drones ranging from rush hour deliveries to surveying a hard to reach real estate. Drones have the most impact in areas where man cannot easily reach or cannot perform their duty in a timely manner.

Whether you have photography, cinematography, or data acquisition needs, businesses of all types are encouraged to become more educated on the vast opportunities drones present. Aerial surveying, film and TV, real estate, marketing professionals, construction companies, first responders, and insurance agencies are all great candidates. Drone adoption is inevitable due to their ability to increase work efficiency and productivity, while mitigating risks and decreasing workload, improving accuracy, and improving customer service.

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