Trends - Drone Photography Services on the Rise

Trends: Drone Photography Services on the Rise

Some of the most stunning images and footage are now being captured through drone technology. Although aerial photography and footage are nothing new, access to drone services have made these types of shots affordable and streamlined. Marketers, ad executives, producers, and even construction professionals are hiring drone pilots to capture new innovative content by using angles and shots that were not previously possible.

Marketing Trend: Aerial Photography Services

No matter what industry you are in, drones are available to capture stunning aerial images that offer a new kind of visual language. Some of the hottest trends for 2017 include experimenting with 360-panoramas, night skylines, and top-view portraits. Drones are a great way to elevate any media project whether it’s for print or online.

Video Production Trend: Aerial Cinematography Services

Aerial footage is becoming an indispensable part of video productions. Drones offer creative ways to give companies a competitive edge, like filming inside a factory to show off its workforce and machinery. Television and film productions like BBC’s Planet Earth use drone technology to capture dramatic footage in 4k revealing adrenaline-filled action sequences and 360-degree bird’s eye views.

Fastest Growing Trend: Drone Mapping Services

Drone mapping is utilized in a variety of industries including, agriculture, inspection, construction, and mining, to help with efficiency. Drone mapping technology is quicker and cheaper than older methods, and the demand for this service is growing rapidly. Aerial mapping is a needful tool during all phases of construction projects and other commercial use.

About Skyvireo is a Global Media Desk company, dedicated to providing clients with the highest quality, most cost-effective drone services around the world. Our constant striving for perfection in the way we provide drone services has led to new and exciting ways to better serve our customers. Above all, our aim is to provide clients with a hassle-free experience that will save them time, money, and eliminate frustration.

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