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Looking to hire a video production crew for a shoot in Auckland? We provide the finest, most-respected, local video production crews for all your project or event needs. Simply tell us what you are looking for and we will provide the highest-quality local, professional crews tailored to fit your needs.

  • On-demand, professional crews & production services in Auckland
  • Upfront, no surprises pricing
  • Consistent quality, superior results
  • Video production specialists to assist you with every detail
  • Experts in multi-city and multi-country projects
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The Global Media Desk only works with the finest, most respected video production crews in Auckland. Each of our video production crews must go through a rigorous Global Media Desk Certification progress, and their performance is evaluated on every shoot. This unequaled commitment to quality makes our crews the very best in the business.

Our priority is to make sure that your video production project in Auckland is a complete success.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

  • Eric B., Comedy Central

    "I would rate you guys a 10 on all counts. You made everything so easy, so pleasant, and so fun. You were completely professional yet also completely relaxed and in control. I can't imagine a better production company to work with."
  • Michael M., Peak Productions

    "Your crew was an absolute pleasure to work with. They worked well and helped us to get the best results we could. The crew was excellent and we truly enjoyed working with them."
  • Natasha S., FBC Media

    "Everything worked perfectly! My team was very happy with the cameraman and efficiency of getting the footage onto the drive, especially as we had so little time between end of shoot and flight back to UK. Thank you for all your help."
  • Priscilla R., Beeline LPDG

    "The video was perfect! Thank you so much. We are very happy with the final product. "
  • Shalandra, PLP Group

    "Overall outstanding level of service and we are extremely happy. Thank you for this professional support."
  • Gareth D., Harvard University

    "We needed a videographer at very short notice and were amazed at how efficiently you were able to find someone. Our videographer, was very courteous and professional and a pleasure to work with. Overall the experience was very positive."

On-demand production services in Auckland. Best crews. Best results.


We only work with the most experienced and respected local, professional crews. Each of our providers must undergo a rigorous Global Media Desk Certification process and their performance is evaluated on every shoot they cover.

TV & Film Production

What do you need to make your film a success? Whatever you are looking for, we have got it! Our full range of local production and post production services are guaranteed to add exactly what you need for your project.


Specializing in conferences, trade shows, product launches, and newsworthy events of all kinds, our event videographers know how to capture the moment in a clear, journalistic fashion


By using the most sophisticated aerial video drones, we can help you capture images from every angle imaginable. Tell us what you are looking for and we will provide the highest-quality local drone services tailored to fit your needs.

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Aukland City, Aukland Isthmus, North Shore, South Aukland, Papakura, Wst Auckland, Rodney, and Jafa

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By working with local video crews you reduce or eliminate travel expenses considerably and most importantly, you will be working with people who know the local terrain, language, and customs.

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